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Wooden Elephant hook-W65
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Wooden Elephant hook-W65

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Weight: 900 grams
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Elephant hook with crafted talisman on the wood by top monks in North of Thailand namely Kruba Neu Chai, Kruba Boon Yang.

Elephant hooks very suitable for businessmen to gain wealth, and also for gaining authority and power !

The elephant hooks are aged between 10-50++ years are collected from elephant village.

Each hook are crafted with talisman. The hook can be place in your house or business/work place for protection and wealth

attraction. Gives Good leadership, and gives you the power for people to obey your orders and smooth in all your undertakings.

This is a holy object which will keep blessing your household, as an enhancer that will add to the security of the home

Brings good fortune, windfalls of luck and cosmic abundance that enhance one’s worldly life enormously.