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Wooden Bracelet Gemunggal Takrut-18mm(W37)

Wooden Bracelet Gemunggal Takrut-18mm(W37)

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Gemunggal lulutong with takrut 18mm x 9pcs

Teras Gemunggal (from Gemunggal Tree) or king of wood core is also 

popularly known as Teras Kelor or Teras Kilo. It possesses high natural 
quantum energy to expel negative forces and brings in good luck to people. 
Native to sub-Himalaya tracts, the tree is treasured by ancient people for 
thousands of years.

Teras Gemunggal is extensively used by the natives for medicinal and 

traditional healing. It os also use for self-protection, promoting goodwill 
and prosperity. Its high radiating energy also helps keep all evil energies 
away besides eliminating poisons in food and toxin from bites by poisonous 
animals. Antidote to physical poisons and ill psychic attacks, Teras 
Gemunggal brings total protection and prosperity to the user.

Whether using Teras Gemunggal as antitode or for own protection, according 
to the native and highlighted repeatedly, the general rule of thumb is Teras 
Gemunggal must always stay in contact on the skin of the wearer.


Gemunggal 或 哥木哥,常被称为重量极树髓, 别名 Kelor 或 Kilo 树髓。持
有高能量, 哥木哥能驱逐负面能量, 也可为人们带来好运气。源于喜玛拉雅山脉,
哥木哥自古以来被世人当为稀有之木。除了避邪消灾, 招财进宝, 哥木哥常被广
泛用于传统医疗, 它也能拔除食物中及毒虫所咬伤的毒素。内拔毒素, 外除邪魔,

原住民多次提醒, 哥木哥最好是接触用者的皮肤, 如作为吊坠或戒指。

What is Tangkai /Takrut ?

Tangkai, is a type of tubular amulet that originated from Thailand;

taking the shape of a scroll and made of metal paper, engraved with a charm and ‘mantra’.

The ‘Tangkai’ is used for all purposes from Business Success, Popularity, Mercy, Charm, Riches 

attraction, and Invincibility, Lucky,Health , and Love.

The beads are gone through blessings, and chanting , prayers from reputable 

monks in Thailand.

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1)     Elimination of negative forces inside the body

2)     Improve your force field and mediation of body

3)     Rebound witchcraft & psychic or supernatural attack

4)     Protect Household and enhance house safety

5)     Expel evil spirit or ghost

6)     Enhance wealth and career opportunity

7)     Build up confidence, courage and guts

8)     Enhance Business

9)     Gain authority

10)   Enhance personal charm and increase attractiveness

11)   Reduce jealousy, accusation and rumors

12)   Strengthening friendship and brotherhood


Benefits(Chinese version)

1 )消除体内的负面力量

2 )提高您的力场和身体的调解

3 )反弹巫术和通灵或超自然攻击

4 )保护家庭和加强内部安全

5 )驱逐邪灵或鬼魂

6 )加强财富和就业机会

7 )建立信心,勇气和胆量

8 )加强业务

9 )增益权力

10 )增强个人魅力和吸引力增加

11 )减少嫉妒,指责和谣言

12 )加强友谊和兄弟情谊